Admission Rules

The first admission to the school is done in LKG. Admission in LKG is granted after the completion of the formalities. The right of admission is reserved to the principal. He may refuse admission to any candidate without furnishing reasons. For the admission to the AGS Hajan the original DOB certificate (Laminated) of the child from the competent authority has to be submitted along with the application form. Particulars of student entered in the admission form and thereafter in the school shall be final and no further changes shall be allowed except when permitted by the competent authority with sufficient reason. For the withdrawal of a student from the school one months notice in writing shall have to be given. The form of the transfer certificate/school leaving certificate is given in the handbook. If a child is withdrawn immediately after admission, a quarter's fee and a month's proportionate annual charges to be paid. If a child applies for DC after remaining absent from the school fee becomes due up to the date of application for withdrawal. The management from the principal reserves the right to discharge any student whose performance is unsatisfactory of is found guilty of mis-conduct or who fails for the two consecutive years in the same class. The names of those students who fail to pay the fee will be struck off from the rolls without prior notice. The name of students who remain absent unauthentically without permission from the principal for 15 consecutive days shall be struck off from the rolls, they may be re-admitted only after paying admission fee in fully.